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Welcome at NEWSWORLD.

WWW.NEWSWORLD.PK is the first & only “Central News Publishing Platform of Pakistan”. We publish top news of all media “Local + National + International” on our pages to offer a unique opportunity for news readers to “Read & Watch” all top news, etc on one site. We cover a diverse range of news topics and our news gathering sources are authentic.

We side no party and publish all news without any hidden agenda but and only bringing all top stories of public interest and benefit however promoting Pakistan is our open theme. For “National Image Building” we publish not only those stories which usually appear in popular media but we also gather and generate independent news and promotional stories about Pakistan and its people. We also promote events of all healthy type and publish their live coverage in text, photo and video formats. To promote the business activities we have created a unique window of category advertisements which are very cost effective and along big ventures mainly serve the SME sector and small commercial activities and related endeavors including social businesses. These exclusive category windows are also best of news readers/site visitors to acquire fresh information about their possible shopping destinations etc.

We are looking forward to serve our visitors with the best content of their interest and to cater their thirst of getting informed first and more importantly at one place reducing the hassle to search different news on different news sites.

Announcement: www.newsworld.pk works in a way that it searches top news from top media sources then publish and display on our valuable pages. When we use any news of any esteemed media we always publish their due credits and source information which offers a unique opportunity for appearing media to be seen on another media/site with due credentials and yet without any cost or effort. In today’s competitive world we serve in a unique way to all media that they are found and seen where their competitors appear which help them in keeping their loyal readers.

We always publish news with due credits and applicable active links of the source media and story.

In this regard if any media appearing on our pages have any objection and/or want not to be copied and displayed/published on www.newsworld.pk, pls intimate so that your media will be excluded from our news sources list and no further story will be copied from your pages.


Umar Bajwa, Chief Executive & Chief Editor

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